Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Rapunzel Birthday Cake

With the movie Tangled a firm favourite of my daughter, I wasn't surprised that when I posed the question "what cake would you like for you Birthday?" The answer was "Rapunzel!".

Daunted by the prospect of a doll cake, I scoured the web for inspiration. I had read that it is a good idea to make the cakes one or two days prior to when they are needed, as this helps firm them up, more stable for the stacking. I made the three base cakes the same, only adding a little different food colouring to each. The top cake I made in a smaller tin with no colouring. I then wrapped them in gladwrap (plastic wrap), and put them aside ready to be decorated the following day.

I wrapped Rapunzel in in glad wrap up to her waist, cut a small hole in the cakes then popped her in. I used the following buttercream icing.
This icing is rich and creamy, I added a little extra milk as I found it too stiff to spread. 

Time to start shaping the dress.

Then to decorate.
Well, for my first ever attempt at a properly decorated cake I'm quite happy. I kept it simple as I had no real idea what I was doing. I did have a problem trying to get the purple colour, next time a might try the gel colours that Ive read a bit about. The bottom was finished off with frexh bluebells from our garden.