Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fabric teabags

After fiddling around with a few different styles, I settled on the most realistic teabag of all that I tried. I ended up deconstructing an extra large teapot bag and used that as my template. A teabag is just a long tube really. Once I had a bundle of the tubes, I moved over to the ironing board. I pinched in the bottoms, then with a hot iron, I firmly ironed over the folds. The next step is to decide how to fold over the tops. There are a number of ways of doing this (I will apologies in advance for my next explanation, I'm not up to speed on sewing terms and how to clearly explain what I have done!). I chose to fold the tops over (seppartly) to the inside, then I sewed some teabags along the entire top edge, adding in the cord as I went. With other bags, I tacked the two outer corners together, then a tack top center to attach the cord....Does that make sense!!?????
Again, please excuse more poor explanation, I am so new to both hand and machine sewing, I'm learning as I go!

For little people who understand that its more than just a cup of tea.