Friday, 23 August 2013

Walnut Shell Pincushions

On a wet winter day last year in June, I pulled out my collection of walnut shells and jar of felted balls. With no particular game in mind, I tipped everything out onto the floor and said "lets play!" The colours of the felt balls could lift any grey mood, so soft, bright and happy. As the kids started shoving balls of different colours and sizes into the walnut shells, we soon saw little creatures come to life. 

So what began as play turned into a project. Quite disgracefully, I never finished them. My idea was to make embroidery knots all over their wings, but I encountered a problem when attempting this, the knots pulled through their felted bodies. I tried everything to make the knots hold, I gave up exasperated. So they sit in my craft room, wistfully eying me every time I walk into the room. I must revisit this project again, they are too cute to continue ignoring!

It would take nothing to finish these little cuties, I just need a different approach!

Walnut Shell Pincushions

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