Friday, 21 June 2013

'Love in a Mist'

When we arrived at our holiday house last summer, the Nigella damascena, commonly known as 'Love in a Mist', had all but finished flowering for the season. Over the next few weeks, the kids watched how the vibrant green stems and leaves faded into a beautiful soft green straw colour, while the seed pods developed and swelled like big pregnant bellies. By the time our vacation was over, the Nigella pods were just beginning to crack, ready to shake their seeds free. They were too glorious to leave behind, so before we left we pulled out whole armfuls, bundled them up and carefully packed them into the back of the car. We uprooted the remaining plants and shook out their seed. In three weeks we head back to this little peace of paradise, hopefully the kids will find a whole new crop of Nigella and we can repeat the whole process again. A lovely way for the kids to learn about the life cycle on an annual.

Our craft-room is in the attic, we work in there nearly everyday, so what better place to hang them for us to admire!

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